August 21, 2004

Spice it up

This is good news for television watchers, especially those of us here in Texas.

Pace Foods is reviving a popular Texas-themed advertising campaign from the 1980s in which salsa-savvy cowboys make sport of New York. The humorous ads begin running Monday in 21 television markets around the country, the company said.

Pace is a subsidiary of the Campbell Soup Co., based in Camden, N.J., but the picante sauces are made in Paris, Texas.

"We wanted to find a way to connect consumers to our Southwestern roots with a lighthearted touch," Chris Foley, Pace brand manager, said of the two new ads.

Campbell bought Pace, founded in San Antonio, from billionaire entrepreneur Kit Goldsbury in 1995.

The original series of ads from the late 1980s featured a chuckwagon cook threatened with hanging when he tried to foist an unfamiliar brand of salsa onto a group of hungry cowhands.

The well-remembered punchline came when the cowboys found out that the salsa was from "New York City."

The new ads also involve cowboys, one of them an odd-fit novice from New York. In one spot, he uses a car remote to lock up his horse at a hitching post, and in the other he sprays graffiti on a calf instead of using a branding iron.

If memory serves, the old punchline, after the camp cook's salsa was revealed as being from New York City, was "Get a rope."

Pace Foods Inc.

UPDATE: Saludos, Slate salsa afficionados. Despite our affection for Pace as a homegrown everyday salsa, our personal favorite is Arriba! Red. It's spicy and fresh tasting.

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Posted by Alan at August 21, 2004 07:36 AM